Corporate Wellness

Today’s successful business leaders know the unlimited rewards they can expect when they invest in their greatest asset – their employees.

It’s no secret… offer the right resources to your employees and your business will prosper.

If you invest in your staff, inevitably your employees will contribute more, perform better, and excel in customer relations. Committed employees directly affect the performance of every business competing in today’s marketplace.

The bottom line is when people look and feel their best, they perform better. Productivity goes up, employee morale increases and the atmosphere within your business takes a turn for the better.

Your employees will appreciate that you’re interested in their overall health and not just profits – but in reality, once their performance increases as a direct result of their enhanced vitality, your profits will increase too!

The Upward Motion Personal Training Difference:

At Upward Motion Personal Training we understand how Health Insurances costs can be a huge economic burden on corporations, and it is only by providing your employees with user-friendly, practical health and fitness information that they can implement immediately is instrumental in a successful health and wellness program. A regular ‘diet’ of the workout sessions, educational seminars, and health and fitness emails/newsletters scheduled into your monthly meetings, conferences, and agendas will keep health and fitness a priority in your employees’ lives.

Corporate Membership:

At Upward Motion Personal Training we developed a program to keep a regular diet of different health and fitness venues for our Corporate Members. As an Upward Motion Corporate Member you will receive the best personal training and group training services in the city for a great discount, but you also receive all the amenities that go with being a corporate member. Look Below at everything you will receive:


  • E-Mails on health, wellness and nutrition with interactive video clips


  • An Educational Lunch and Learn on a “Hot Topic” that will uncover any health and fitness myths that you and your staff may be wondering about
  • Health and wellness newsletter that they can take home and share with their families or friends. Also, we can add a special section featuring you advocating health and wellness

Special discounts for:

  • Health and wellness challenges to help build a strong and united team while getting in shape

In House Group Training Program.

The way this program works is that if you have a conference room that can fit a majority of your employees, you can host group training classes for each of your employee’s. Price varies depending on number of employee’s and classes.

Build a Custom Health & Fitness Program with our other Winning Options:

Lunch and Learn:
Educate you employee’s on how to look better, feel better, manage stress, achieve balance in their lives and improve their overall fitness – physically, mentally and spiritually. This directly translates into a better working environment for all!

  • Topics Include: Eating for Energy, Out Smarting Fat, Jump Start Exercise, If There is a Will There is a Way, and Stress Busters.
  • Cost: $130 per session

Lunch and Move Practical Sessions:
The information they gain through this fun and interactive presentation gives your employee’s immediate information they can implement into their current fitness program. Imagine your employee’s laughing and having fun together while learning effective strategies to better their health.

  • Topics Include: Abdominals 101, Developing a Healthy Back, Developing a Healthy Back, Latin 101, and Your Office is a Gym
  • Cost: $195 a session

Team Building Boot-Camps:
Provide you and your staff with a fun and exciting way to build strong employee bonds with one another. Our Corporate Boot Camps provide a great way for your company to build morale, confidence, and unity with one another.

  • Cost: $130 per class

Fitness Challenges:
Does Your team respond to a little Challenge? Let us help kick start a Challenge that will get your employee’s on the Winning Track to Success.

  • 6-12 Week Company Wide Weight Loss Challenge.
  • Individual and Department Winners
  • Cost: Depends on the Size of the Company
Let us treat you and your staff to a complimentary lunch to explain the benefits of this program. Call today to schedule your FREE Lunch: 505.268.1231