How to Add One Pound of Muscle Weekly - Part 3 — Shake it up with and Amino Acid and Carbo Shake

Different studies have proven that people who lift weights that drink a good shake full of the right amino acids and carbos prior to lifting improve the body’s protein conversion better than the weight lifters that drink their shake after they do their work out. The bottom line for the success in taking in a shake is to make certain that is includes the top amino acids in sufficient quantities, as in a minimum of 6 grams and 30 plus grams of carbos. The shake needs to include 20 plus grams of protein. If protein shakes don’t agree with a person they can eat a 3 ounce piece of protein like steak or chicken and a couple of pieces of quality wheat bread. It is recommended to take in the calories a ½ hour to 1 hour before working out.
Part 3

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