Personal Trainer and Personal Training - A Historical Perspective

Personal training and personal trainers only came into existence in the 20th century. Various cultures from the past including the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans, and the ancient May ans had athletic events, athletes practiced the events they participated in, and athletes back then were revered.

Working out and having someone help you workout back then was most likely strictly reserved forsoldier training for warfare. Working with certified personal trainers, and using professional fitness experts is a new field that only just came into practice during the 1900’s. During the 1800’s there were several destination resorts with health spas that offered exercise with a focus in the health spa on working on complete body fitness and health. However many of these resorts used, for those days, contemporary methods of exercise that were unusual and questionable in many regards compared to today’s methods of fitness and exercise. The first real fitness expert or personal trainer was the famous health club and fitness guru, Jack Lalanne. Mr. Lalanne was per him, addicted to sugar, which made him “mean and weak” as a kid.


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