Transformation Process

The best way to lose weight and get fit is through Upward Motion's transformative process

If you are looking for the best way to lose weight utilize the Upward Motion Fitness & Nutrition 3 Pillars of Success to begin your health transformation. These pillars include Exercise, Nutrition, and Accountability. 


Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight | Upward Motion

We use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT achieves twice the results in half the time without building big bulky muscles or spending hours on a cardio machine.

High Intense Interval Training has been shown to be the best way to lose weight.

Additionally, you burn even more calories after your workout than a traditional workout- up to 24 hours!



Focusing on nutrition is one of the best ways to lose weight

Secondly, we work with you individually to create a nutrition program that you feel comfortable with and get results.

Most importantly, all our nutrition programs come with:

  • Meal plan
  • Recipe guide
  • Grocery list
  • Success manual

Upward Motion’s Nutrition strategy takes all the guesswork out of what to eat and when.



Finally, our accountability program puts you with your own personal coach. Your coach keeps you accountable and motivated throughout your health and fitness journey. We keep track of your progress on a week to week basis to ensure you are:

  • Seeing results
  • Needing nutritional modifications to your program 

We feel that this is one of the most important pieces to your fitness program, but one of the most overlooked.

Upward Motion's Holistic Approach to your fitness is one of the best ways to lose weight

Whether if it’s through Personal Training, Group Training, or Online Training, we have a program that can help You look and feel your BEST!!

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