The Top 36 Bodyweight Cardio Workout Routines - PART EIGHT

Plank to Push-up – Fitness is Just Around the Corner
With your body’s forearms on the floor start this move in the plank mode. Lift your body over into push-up mode one hand and then the other and then return back to plank position. Do this move 8 to 10 times, but make sure you switch back and forth with the arm that starts the routine, first right, then left and then back.

Tuck Jump – Olympics are Out of the Question, but Fitness is Not
Air time is just moments away with this exercise. It’s straight forward to do this exercise. Stand straight up, knees flexed in bent position just a tad and then launch yourself by jumping straight up, knees brought right up to your chest with your arms out at a horizontal angle, directly away from your body.

Basic Burpee – Root Beer is not Required
Very few people like this exercise, particularly people that are in the military. Begin it by placing yourself in a squat, the palms of your hands placed directly on the ground. Extend both legs directly behind you horizontally all the way out and then bring yourself back to you starting position. From there jump directly up as high as you can and the return back the squat position and being again. Complete 8 to 10 repetitions.
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