The Top 36 Bodyweight Cardio Workout Routines - PART SEVEN

Long Jump – A World Record is not Necessary, Just Do It
To do this exercise being a person that loves track and field is not required. Do this exercise by jumping forward with both legs and land at the same time with both legs. Do this exercise 8 to 10 times.

Single-Leg Burpee – Burping is Not Required
If you a basic burpee expert then this move takes your game to a whole new lever. Here’s how it works. Do a regular burpee, but do it with only leg each repletion. Do it on one side and then the other. Vertical Jump – A 30 Inch Vertical Jump is Not Necessary
With this exercise the aim is to jump as high up vertically as you can. Bend your knees just a little bit while standing up with your back straight. Take your arms back just a tad and then use them to launch yourself up with your arms straight up towards the sky. Do this exercise 8 – 10 times.
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