The Top 36 Bodyweight Cardio Workout Routines - PART TEN

Power Skip – Skipping is Fun, Don’t Worry
Pretty much everyone remembers what it was like to skip as a kid. Do this exercise as follows: Elevate the right knee up towards your chest, but do not bring it all the way up and at the same time extending your left arm up and straight back out to about head level. Land on your left foot and then switch the move back and forth. Go for 8 to 10 repetitions with your skips going as high as you can possibly make them go.

Stair Climb – Stair Case Required
Stairs are a fact of life in almost every building built above 1 floor. Stairs give all of us a great open ended opportunity to do cardio with our bodyweight by way of briskly walking up them or down them.

High Knees – It is not just for Marching Band Leaders
Start the High Knees exercise by standing straight up with your legs in a shoulder wide position. Lift your right knee up as high up as you can make it go, bring it back to its original position and then to the same thing with your left leg and knee. Keep this up, first the right leg and then the left leg, all the while increasing your tempo. Do this routine for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds and then do it for another minute with a total of ten minutes complete doing this routine as the ultimate goal.
The Top 36 Bodyweight Cardio Workout Routines – PART 10

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