The Top 36 Bodyweight Cardio Workout Routines - PART TWELVE

Inchworm – This is a Fun Move
Stand up straight, bend at the waist and then touch your fingertips to the ground. From that position walk your hands straight out away from you, maintaining your legs in straight position, to a full push-up stance with your body above the floor and your arms straight up holding your body up in the air. Complete the move by walking yourself back with your hands back to being in position where your hands are hanging down and you are bent over at the waist with your finger-tips touching the floor. Do 5 to 7 reps of this exercise.

Alternate-Leg Bounding – Leap forward One Leg at Time
Locate a long piece land outside or area inside your home that is long and straight that gives you some space to go forward. Stand up straight, extend out your right knee and your hip, using your left leg to launch yourself forward into a jump, as far out as you are able to do so. Land on your right leg and then do the same thing on the other side of your body with the opposite leg. Complete 8 to 10 jumps forward.

Butt Kick – It is Time to Kick Some Booty This move, the butt kick, is butt kicking good time. Run slowly while staying stationery and kick yourself with your heels one rear end cheek at a time. Do 10 sets of 1 minute each with 30 seconds rest in between each 1 minute repetition.
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